Well-Priced, Good-Fitting Latex Clothing


We are set up and designed as a direct-from-manufacturer e-commerce system today.  Thus we typically do not offer other e-commerce systems a "wholesale" relationship with us except in very unique situations.   If you are e-commerce only, we do have referral systems whereby we can create and track customers which come to us from your site, and we do pay-out commissions on sales from these referrals.  This is typically a percentage of sales for a referred customer over time.     We do provide monthly reports on your referred customers activities so you can see if they are buyers, browsers or bygones. 

We do have programs for stocking retailers that agree to carry our brands on their shelves, backed by both our factory for custom work and our warrenty system.   These solutions are ideal for storefront operations and have a supporting structure, including training, branding and other help for your employees and your customers.

To get a better idea on the type of contract to provide to you please send email to [email protected] with answers to the following questions as well as any other information you feel can help us work with you.

1. Do you wish to sell our designs, or have us design for you?
2. are the designs exclusive?  I.e. if your designs are we allowed to sell them under the Kink Projects branding in parallel or at some point later in time, or if our designs, do we pull them off our website for your exclusive use?
3. do you have a retail space, e-commerce or both (we can provide the e-commerce tie /api's  as well)
4. do you want us to handle the warranty directly or will you handle it?
5. annual sales volumes, direct, e-commerce, etc    (USD or local equivalent)
6. monthly sales commitment on our products (direct or white-label)
7. your registration / incorporation / EIN # / TaxID number.   

Another Option:

If you do not want to sell our brand at your shop directly, we do also offer a discount schedule for multiple orders, that you still can continue using your own brand.    Our discount schedule is based on standard pattern quantities. The minimum purchase to enroll in our program is 30 units of any given pattern in the clothing or heavy sections of our sites (accessories do not count for this)     You can order any sizes or standard color options for each pattern to meet the minimum commitment.    But you must order the minimum unit count per pattern.

30 units -  10% discount
40 units -  15% discount
50 units -  20% discount

Beyond 50 pattern/units contact us by email please.

These discounts as per order only and that order must be placed through our website after we have a signed distributure agreement and shipped to a single place.  By default we have a 20% surcharge for dropship services.