Well-Priced, Good-Fitting Latex Clothing

Production Control

"Made in China" today can be identified world-wide as being on a ‘high-quality’ level

Although Kink Projects is a new brand name in the latex clothing world, we have developed our company using experienced and qualified personnel who have worked in the latex clothing manufacturing field for several years.  Their cumulative experience and knowledge in producing high-quality, hand-made latex clothing is a major asset for the future progress of our modern and efficient factory.

We are thankful that these talented people are working with us to produce the finest detailed latex fashions that our customers expect and we would be disappointed if our customers had any doubts about the quality of our workmanship and production facilities.  Trust in our service, products and after-sales communications are paramount in building a strong relationship with all our customers.

The ‘beginning to the end’ attention to detail philosophy is our guarantee

Only quality latex sheeting from one of the world’s reputable and renowned companies is used to create our entire range of latex clothing and accessories.  At Kink Projects Studio, we adhere to strict quality control to ensure sharp laser cutting, smooth and uniform seams, flawlessly-framed edges and selective reinforcements (e.g the crotch area, zipper ends and armpits) are a matter of course from the beginning of the production process to the ultimate finished product. 

By focusing on unique and creative thought out designs as well as scrutinising the detailed workmanship that is encompassed in the manufacturing, we guarantee you the highest level of quality, maximum comfort and everlasting satisfaction.

Individual and high quality latex fashion

Kink Projects put the greatest emphasis on aesthetic, individual and high quality latex fashion with outstanding eye-catching details that give our customers confidence in shopping with us.  We offer attractive latex clothing for demanding customers and we strive to fulfil their special requirements and supply quality all-round service and manufacturing accordingly.

Our strategy is to be professional in all aspects with clear contours, approved designs and  continuous research to develop  new cutting patterns according to our own experience and knowledge.  We are conscientious about expanding and optimizing our product range and therefore all of our best-selling top products are based on the finest and different cutting patterns and optimisations.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Put your trust in us and we will deliver our best at all times.