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Made-to-Measure Help

Kink Projects' made-to-measure service further advances our philosophy of personalization and signature attention to detail. Our whole range of rubber wear is available to customers in a range of off-the-peg sizes from XS – XXL, we also understand (and love the fact) that every person is different - be it body proportions, posture and body shape.  At times, our off-the-peg sizes are not the perfect fit for everyone and that is why we offer our Made-to-Measure service.

How To Measure Your Body Size Correctly

It is VERY important that you use a soft measuring tape to take the measurements close to your skin.  If you cannot take your own measurements, no matter how good you are, HAVE SOMEONE ELSE TAKE THE MEASUREMENTS.  Seriously, do yourself a favour and don't try this one at home as those beautiful things we make for you will not fit.

If you don't have someone to measure for you, or you really just want an expert to do it – then, your best option is to download and print our Made-to-Measure size chart from here: (man version and woman version) and take them to an alteration business, dry cleaners, or other business that specialises in clothing.   They know what to do.  You may like to offer them some form of compensation in appreciation of their assistance!

All information with regard to your order, personal details and size chart is kept private and confidential and will not be released to any other source, or used for any marketing campaign by Kink Projects.

How To Place Made-to-Measure Orders at Our Site

Now you can easily carry out the Made-to-Measure order process at our website.

1. Register and log in to our website, click the icon in the upper right corner to enter the "My Account" center.

2. Click the "Made-to-Measure Database" link, as shown below.

3. Click the "Add New Name" button to enter a new page, fill in the size form according to the above "How To Measure Your Body Size Correctly", please remember to fill in the Made-to-Measure Name field, such as fill in "Simon", and then click Save button, as shown below.




4. Return to the product order page, select the "Made to Measure" option in the Size Option, a drop-down selection box for Name will automatically pop up below, select the corresponding name, such as Simon.