Well-Priced, Good-Fitting Latex Clothing

Custom Orders

Customised Orders

All of our standard designs are customisable.  Simply select, by ordering on the website, different colours, different stripes and other variations - they are all options you are able to pick before placing an order.

For more clothing configurations, please access this link: https://www.kinkprojects.com/configuration

Other options for you to alter a standard design include asking for particular lettering, altering the thickness of the latex, or some other change that is not available with the drop down boxes on the website.

Kink Projects also provides service of producing clothing at individual order of any customised design according to your measurements, sketches or photo. We are able to make changes in design of models presented in our catalog, add or exclude some options from them. Any combination of colors in products is possible, we have almost the whole color spectrum of latex in stock.

For individual order of products according to your measurements, sketches or photo, please send all the necessary information and questions to us via this email: [email protected].

Our service includes manufacturing suits for cosplay, suits for presentations and fairs with logo (branding), fetish clothing for theme parties, clothing for performances, photo and video shooting, etc. Please contact us to discuss any such requirements you may have for customised orders.

Bespoke Designs

Having something made that is unique, just for yourself, can be exciting.  Let your imagination run wild and challenge us with a design project that only you will own.

Kink Projects’ manufacturing skills are carried out by specially-trained designers who are only too keen to assist you in the design of any latex garments not found in our current catalogue.  If you have an idea for something very special that you would like to have made, please contact us.  One of our designers would be delighted to analyse your ideas, communicate with you, and then prepare a colour technical drawing showing you what the garment will look like.  If it is acceptable to you, we will then create a pattern and make up the item just as in the Made-to-Measure sections above.  Before final completion, our design team will liaise with you for any last-minute adjustments.