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Jade Green Classic Short Molded Latex Gloves

  • Product Code: KPFGL001H
  • Weight: 0.20 kg
  • $15.00 USD ($15.00 USD BASE PRICE)

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Jade Green Classic Short Molded Latex Gloves

Product No.: KPFGL001H

  • Shown in photos: main color is Jade Green, many colors available;
  • Mold short gloves, length till forearm;
  • Latex thickness in photos: 0.4mm.

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Dry + Talcum Powder

By default we ship our latex clothes with dry powder inside, it gives a dull (not shiny) appearance, but is best for storage and shipping.. When you get your product typically you'd put more powder or some kind of dressing aid on and then, once you are wearing it, use some kind of external polish.  Opinions range wildely on what type of external polish to use.

If this is your first time to buy latex clothing we would recommend the default option of dry powder and experiment with various shine agents until you find what you like. If it turns out silicone is the one you prefer, then when you order additional pieces from us we can take care of that for you if you desire.

Shine Silicone Outside

In our opinion, Pure silicone makes an excellent polish. It lasts a long time and feels pleasant and not tacky to the touch. Food grade silicone is preferred, and spray silicone can be found at leather stores and most scuba diving shops. Spray cans leave a nasty cloud, so use with ventilation. Bottles of silicone liquid can be gotten from adult stores or on the internet.

Some of our customers would prefer us to do the polish for them, and some products they want them polished inside and out. This is quite a labor intensive process but for some - shiny out of the box - is the most important.

Dressing Aid Silicone Inside & Shine Silicone Out

This option combines the above outside polish with the application of a dressing aid inside.   This is a good way to get the outfit almost wearable ready as it comes out of the box -- with the caviet that it can't be left that way for long and will need to be cleaned and cared for quickly after wear.  These dressing aids break down over time so its important to not leave them in there for weeks or months(!)     See our latex care guide for more information.


With the final option, chlorination, the latex is put through a chemical bath which is basically a mix of chlorine and ammonia .. the effect changes the surface of the latex by closing the pores and making it slick, and a little brittle. We do not generally recommend this, for normal use as its still experimental, and hard to repair; in fact we don't waranty it the same,  but enough people ask for it we've added it as a regular option for now.  

At Kink Projects, the Shine Silicone Oil and Dressing Aid Oil we use come from the German brand VIVISHINE, for more details about shine oil and dressing aid, please take a look: https://www.vivishine.com/products

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