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What Does It Feel Like to Wear Latex?

  • What Does It Feel Like to Wear Latex?

Tight, snug, smooth, electric, empowering, sometimes a bit warm, sometimes cool, and sweaty are all ways that you'll hear different people use to describe wearing latex.

What does latex feel like

Latex holds your body tight, feels ultra smooth, somewhat empowering, and continually brushes against your skin in a way that fabrics don't.

Most people that wear latex will tell you that it looks and feels really good, but that it can take a little getting used to so maybe don't go straight for a catsuit and stick with a skirt, dress, or pants first.

Those who aren't a fan of latex will tell you that it is tight, sticky and sweaty. We'll look at all of these in this article.

Is latex tight?

This all depends on the piece, but as a general rule, it should feel like your clothes are hugging you, not like you're wearing a corset.

A lot of latex is designed to be skin-tight because of how well it stretches to fit the body and how it amplifies curves. It's important to get a size that fits you well though, so that the piece is tight on your skin, but not so tight that it restricts your movement. 

You can also buy looser fitting latex, like jackets, t-shirts and skirts that don't hold your body if you're concerned about this.

Is latex smooth?

Yes, latex is undeniably smooth and shiny. It should be so smooth that it's slippery to touch. When pulling latex on to your body it slides across with very little friction.

Note that untreated latex requires talc or dressing aid to achieve this slippery feel whereas treated latex is always smooth and slippery.

Is latex sweaty?

Latex is completely waterproof so doesn't breathe like a cotton piece of clothing would, so it's pretty normal to be worried about sweating inside your new clothes.

Wearing latex, and sweating in it is a pretty odd sensation at first, as latex is really like no other piece of clothing you've owned before. Unless its a hot day, you might sweat a little bit when you first put it on, but after a bit you'll forget you're even wearing it.

If you're wearing it on a hot day or dancing it can actually have some benefits, as a thin layer of sweat will help your clothes slide across your skin which makes your latex clothing more comfortable the longer you wear it. This said, if its a really hot day then it can be pretty hard to stay cool in latex.

If you sweat a bit and are worried about it you can buy a looser piece, or one with more ventilation, like a sleeveless or halter next dress.

Is latex sticky?

It depends..

Treated latex is the opposite of sticky and is insanely smooth and slippery, so much so that you'll continually want to touch the outside of it, especially as it hugs your body.

Untreated latex is sticky to touch, so is normally worn with talc or dressing aid on the inside and a shine applied to the outside.

Is latex cool or hot?

Latex can be both. It usually feels cool when you first put it on, but then warms on your skin quickly.

Once latex is on and you've been wearing it for a few minutes it feels like the outside temperature, so if it's cold outside it will feel cool on your skin, and if its hot out it will feel warm on your skin.

This is best dealt with by layering. Wearing a pair of thermal tights underneath your latex will keep you warm, as will wearing a jacket over the top.

When it's hot it's a good idea to wear a smaller or looser fitting piece so that you don't get to hot.

Is latex empowering?

A lot of people tell us that latex feels good to wear, and that it makes them feel confident. Latex clothes have an amazing fit, hold you tight, and look like nothing else.

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