Well-Priced, Good-Fitting Latex Clothing

[Video] If You Are Curious About Kink Projects...

  • [Video] If You Are Curious About Kink Projects...

KINK PROJECTS focus on designing and making high-quality and exceptional fetish fashion garments for men and women. We offer attractive and outstanding latex clothing for demanding customers with a sophisticated and extensive range of different styles ranging from catsuits, casual outfits, uniforms and fantasy wear, latex bras and lingerie, hoods, corsets, dresses, stockings, tops, pants and shorts!

All throughout the entire process, we assure you of specialised and superfluous workmanship and guarantee you the highest level of quality, maximum comfort, and an everlasting satisfaction of our outstanding products that you will be proud to wear for a long time. In addition, we specialise in stylish heavy rubber accessories and garments for the more-adventurous rubber fetishists.

We manufacture stylish and attractive latex garments made-to-order in any size from our exclusive and vast colour palette, as well as offering ready-made designs from our ever-expanding and exquisite catalogue. We also expertly custom-make any design requests from customers.

KINK PROJECTS put the greatest emphasis on aesthetic, individual and high quality latex fashion with attractive and eye-catching styling and detailing. We work with clear contours and approved designs and we are continuously developing new cutting patterns according to our own experience and knowledge, resulting in an optimised product range of accomplished best-selling and admirable products.

With care and devotion to the popular material, we make latex clothing for our latex shop step by step, with an astute eye for detail, so that you will enjoy your favourite items for years to come. Everyone looking for individual pieces of latex clothing wants to feel the sensation of the high quality specially-processed material on their skin and be surprised by its appealing details. The latex store by KINK PROJECTS offers latex clothing that is made to perfection.

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